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Extrait de Pleurote Biologique

  • Oyster Mushroom Extract

  • Pleurotus Ostreatus extract

  • Polysaccharides 10% -50%

  • ISO, halal, casher, organique

  • Soins de santé, additifs alimentaires

  • 2 années

  • 1kg / sac, 25 kg / tambour

État de disponibilité:

Oyster mushroom is an edible fungus, which is rich in nutrients and has the effect of chasing wind and dispelling cold, relaxing tendons and activating collaterals. It is used to treat waist and leg pain, numbness of hands and feet, and obstruction of muscles and collaterals. In addition, it has certain benefits for preventing cancer, regulating women's menopausal syndrome, improving human metabolism, and enhancing physical fitness.

Nom de produitOyster Mushroom Extract
Nom latinPleurotus Ostreatus
spécificationPolysaccharide 10%-50% , 5:1 10:1 20:1
ApparencePoudre jaune brune



Improve immunity

Bénéfices de Oyster mushroom Extract

A high molecular polysaccharide active substance that exhibits biological activity in oyster mushrooms. The proteoglycan in oyster mushroom has a strong inhibitory effect on cancer cells and can enhance the immune function of the body. Regular consumption of oyster mushrooms can not only improve the metabolism of the human body and regulate the autonomic nerves, but also have obvious effects on reducing serum cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and preventing and treating hepatitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, and hypertension. The pharmacological effects mainly benefit from the activity of oyster mushroom polysaccharide.

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